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In person, I’m a casual consultant, that guy who takes the time to sit with you to help you ‘get it’.

Capturing snow on the tongue, captured on video, captured in a snapshot, shared online.

I subscribe to the theory that everyone can fish. I want to demystify technology and help you find the answers or learn to do it yourself. I’m an enabler. That manifests in small focused conversations and walk-throughs on the phone, but better in person, or by sharing your screen so we can see exactly what trouble you’re having.

On to the articles…

The focus of this site is to collect some of the answers to my most often asked questions about using your computer, managing your website, setting up your iOS devices or Mac. My answers often manifest as links to other articles or software that others have already very eloquently written.

This site IS supported by ads and affiliate links. In general, clicking on a link to a book or piece of software may link your potential purchase as a credit to me. This does not affect the price of your purchase and does not influence my recommendations.

Thank you for asking. Enjoy.
Bryan Reddish

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