Get your own site up.

So you need a website fast, but don’t have time or money! You feel like you may as well be asked to design a space station or the next Shuttle?

Or one of those things. Well, you can do it on your own if you need something quick and dirty. Of course, there are all sorts of people out there who can create a site FOR you, and companies you can pay to do it FOR you, and there are tons of talented people out there. You’ll be ready to give them your business eventually.

But if you are an individual person with a resume or starting a home business, completely without a budget, you may just need the gentle nudge, “you can do it.”

You can do it.

Get started right away using a free blogging site like or Just get your content up there. Both services offer blogging and static page tools and a slew of gadgets that make it easy to customize your site. They also allow you to choose from a good selection of templates to customize the look of your site. Changing background images and color schemes will really set your site apart from the rest and there will be little worry about feeling too generic. After all it’s your content that is most important. Get your photos and videos in order and start uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Find a photo sharing platform that works for you and your team like Google Drive.

All of these sites allow you to embed your content into your blog posts and custom web pages. They also are so incredibly popular, they’ll help you get your content noticed too.

When you’re all set up. Tweet and Facebook all about it. Your friends DO want to know what you’re up too. And some of them will give you loads of free advice about what you’re doing and how your site is looking if you ask them. They all want you to succeed.

When you’re ready, register a domain name and make it point to the free blog site.

Just get started. Once you have your thing going, you’ll be amazed how easy it all was.