Energy Independence Day

A moment with the sun and clouds

Stop and look around. You aren’t in the right place or the clouds don’t organize for you to see sunbeams every day.

I’ve been making websites for years and really wanted to find a hosting company that used renewable energy resources and that I could be proud to use and recommend. I’ve only used one other hosting company and their philosophy is to just be really big and grow their income really fast. Their tactics for confusing consumers with extra services and add-ons never sat well with me. Although I’ve never had any technical issues with their services and have always had extraordinary service with their help staff and sales people, it was time to start moving away. As of 2017, I’m almost finished with the transition. We only have one site left to move.

That big papa granddaddy of a hosting site drove me away from them with these practices and executive level big game hunting. This was one of the pivotal moments in my decision making. Where I can make these critical choices with the companies I work with, I really prefer to. We do shop politically.

I’ve brought many customers over to my previous hosting company and I hope that going forward when I make recommendations, I’ll be able to stand by my decisions based not only on the price and services offered but by the integrity of the company itself.

When searching for a new hosting company, I started reviewing companies based more on their infrastructure for literally powering their servers. Hosting green, using renewable energy, was my primary concern. Green Geeks has nice info-graphic to help explain why this is important.

Ultimately I chose Green Geeks based on this and recommendations by other knowledgeable professionals.

They offer all of their customers an affiliate program, which of course, I am a part of. If you have been considering make a shift to a new hosting company and they look like a good candidate to you, the link below will let them know that I’ve invited you to check them out and if you do sign up, I’ll receive a small bonus.

Good luck and I wish you and your new site all the best.