Websiting over all these years

In 1995, I was working for a video company in Atlanta. They were 5 people total and wanted one of those web sites things. They really wanted to be in the game and the owner offered me the time to figure it all out for them. I said I’d learn how to do it if they gave me the time and bought me a book on HTML.

I’m pretty glad they did. Their site went up. They had their own domain name hosted by Mindspring.com. Loved that company. Since then I helped quite a few other companies, friends and the Mrs. get their websites up. Now the Mrs. and I are offering hosting services and all of that which goes with it. We’re our own little Mindspring.

I saw an ad today for a conference about web design since 1996. Oh, gosh, I’m glad we’ve all evolved a little bit since then.